Look to the woods, there you will see a silvery female staring at you with silver grey eyes. If she comes to you, you will be able to meet the pack behind her.
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 Shadox the black knight

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PostSubject: Shadox the black knight   Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:04 pm

name ;; Shadox
aged ;; 3 Years
ranked ;;Any but moon chooses
sexual orientation ;; straight
clan ;; silver moons

persona ;; Shadox is the kindest male one could ever meet. He loves and protects those closest to him. He believes with family and teamwork anything can be accomplished. He has deep core beliefs that won't be broken easily.

Shadox also loves being playful and happy.  He would die to keep everyone around him safe. Shadox doesn't like taking Poop from bullies, and will stand up to them and not be afraid to do it in front of others. If you stay on Shadox's good side, you will have made the greatest friend one could ever have. Now get on his bad side and it's like being exiled like an enemy to family. Breaking his trust will cause him to never believe a word you say.
weaknesses ;; Shadox, isn't one to fool around with he gets angered easily. When he does snap, it's violent. He also is very sensitive.
strengths ;; Shadox won't leave his friend's side even when the going gets tough. He will be the first to
Stand up against a threat and will fight until the last breath leaves his body.
habits ;; Stuttering, twitching his ears
fears ;;
Losing a friend
appearance ;; Shadox is a completely jet black male wolf, with silver splotches on his back. He has bright blue eyes, and a white paw making him almost invisible in dark conditions. He is 35 inches at the shoulder, and weights 175 pounds. making him a formidable foe. He is long as well as lean, letting him
Be agile on his paws, as well as having long skinny legs.
coat color ;;Jet Black
eye color ;;Bright Blue
physical structure ;;Tall and Muscular
friends;; None

history;; Shadox grew up in a pack where honor, and being friendly were core beliefs. He was raised with his two sisters(ice and Luna) and his brother jax. Sadly Jax died of an illness when he was small leaving him the only male pup. When he was a two years old his sister learned they couldn't have pups, leaving him the fertile child. So he set off, to continue his family's bloodline.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadox the black knight   Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:17 pm

your accepted Shadox you can begin rp
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Shadox the black knight
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