Look to the woods, there you will see a silvery female staring at you with silver grey eyes. If she comes to you, you will be able to meet the pack behind her.
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 Crescendo, Lord of the Hunt

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PostSubject: Crescendo, Lord of the Hunt   Sun Jan 18, 2015 4:25 am

Wolf name: Crescendo
Age: 100,000,000,000
Gender: Male
Pack: Druid
Rank: Assassin
Looks: Crescendo is an Agile wolf, with nicely muscled legs and a long, elegantly built frame. He is rather attractive, jet black fur hanging regally from his body in dark veils. He stands at over 14 feet, rather tall even for a supernatural wolf like himself, and has giant black feather wings that dominate his back. His eyes are maroon most of the time, but change colors with his mood and at will. His teeth are long and sharp, just as his claws and the two horns that he can sprout from his forehead. A scar in his side of a Half-note represents a tattoo given to him from his old pack.

Personality: Crescendo is a tortured and passionate soul, with a dark sense of humor and the weakness that he loves all the people he can't have. Silver, for example. He has the voice of an angel, but he sings usually only for certain people. The ones he trusts. Crescendo talks about his dead family a lot of the time, but will quiet that when asked. Decrescendo was once his alter-ego, being the strong demonic side of him. But that part of him manifested into a real wolf, he is now almost full angelic wolf.

His howl is like music, able to hypnotize, bend will, and make even the most stony beings weep.

Crescendo's teeth and claws are coated in special oils that act much like venom, attacking the nervous system and leaving their victim paralyzed if Crescendo releases the enzyme.

He can make horns like that of a demon appear on his forehead.

He can grow up to four times his original size.

History: Crescendo lost his pack after being chased off, beaten, and nearly murdered as a young demon. He found a wandering pup, a water dire pup, who he named Deluge and brought with him to a blood dire pack, where he infected the pup with the blood of a demon. He took the child under his wings and trained him, eventually leaving him behind in the pack on his twentieth year. He wiped the pup's memory with a healer's potion.

Leaving the pack and Deluge, he met a pristine female named Midnight, they quickly fell in love and mated, having six half-demon pups bouncing around their den in the forest. It was at this time that his alter-ego, Decrescendo, whom was actually his brother, was born to his parents and trained for sixteen years to track down, watch, and kill his twin brother.

Decrescendo killed Midnight and each of their six pups, and then tried to kill Crescendo himself. He failed, and Crescendo devoured Decrescendo's soul. The soul was not digested, but rather became a voice in his head that raged out of control when he was bloodthirsty or angry.

He traveled from pack to pack, finding only endless sadness until he fell in with the Fallen Omega pack, where he met silver. Still very young and naive, he fell in love with Silver not for her looks or her strength of mind, but because when he was around her, she made him feel. She led him to her own pack, the Druids, and provided him a new life.

After he saved her life, he banished the part of him that was demonic and became an angel, to protect and love. Crescendo was rejected, as a third wheel, by Silver when she took a new mate.

Crescendo got so angry that Decrescendo's soul literally ripped himself out of Cres's body, and manifested back into a physical form. He died, along with his brother and alter-ego, when Decrescendo ripped his throat out and turned to ash. However, he still lived in his brother and led him to the Druids.

When Scorpio was born, Crescendo saw his opportunity to live again, so when Serpent died, Crescendo used Scorpio's body to come back to life.

Mate: Midnight(Deceased)
Pups: Deluge
Crush: Silver!

Eye Color meanings:
Gold--In Love
Dark Green--Dominant
Pale blue--Fatherly
Dark Blue--Depressed
Violet--The most rare of his eye colors, meaning content.

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PostSubject: Re: Crescendo, Lord of the Hunt   Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:14 pm

Accepted you may begin rp.
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PostSubject: Re: Crescendo, Lord of the Hunt   Fri May 29, 2015 9:58 pm

Bumping this topic up so that I can refresh this character...
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PostSubject: Re: Crescendo, Lord of the Hunt   Fri May 29, 2015 10:56 pm

Daddeh ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Crescendo, Lord of the Hunt   

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Crescendo, Lord of the Hunt
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